Taking a Step Back Before Moving Forward…

Tomorrow will be my first photo outing.  I will be meeting-up with members of the photography club I recently joined. We are planning to spend the morning shooting in the City’s historic district.  The Old City district – as it is referred to – comprises a one-mile area that is ripe with some of the City’s oldest architecture, historical landmarks, retail establishments, art galleries and some of the best restaurants in town!  Given the number of iconic attractions, including Independence Hall, (where the United States Constitution was written), the Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center, I expect that we will all capture great images. 

While practicing shooting in manual mode today, I was reminded of a blog post I read earlier in the week, which was written by photographer Ming Thein.  In his post, Mr. Thein spoke about having revisited some of his photography from several years ago and finding it different than he remembered, and different from how he might have taken those pictures today. The images were, of course, breath taking!  However, having spent time searching for his more recent work on-line (which is very good, I might add), I realized that for him those old photos must have seemed amateurish at best.

For some reason, I thought it might be a good idea for me to take my own walk down memory lane; to examaine my pictures of yesteryear to see if my work has been improving.  Rifling through those images made for a nice few hours. I found so many pictures that I had long forgotten: my neices first steps, my mother when she was well, my husband when we were first dating. Yet, like Ming Thein, most of what I came across was of “…zero photographic merit.” 

The images I have shared (above) are the few that I feel have potential (please – I welcome your feedback).  Actually, the fact that I was able to garner at least a few that weren’t too bad lightened my mood and helped do away with my apprehensions relative to shooting in manual mode. For now, I have decided that with practice, I might someday create the noteworthy images I have been shooting for.  

I guess only time will tell! 

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